Establishing a new company requires to be very attentive and organized. From the creation of the concept and the business plan to taking first steps - founding a new company is a creative process. However, every complex matter carries the risk of overlooking details, and as it turns out later, details are important aspects of business management.

First, ask yourself what your time distribution is and on what activities you spend most of your time. It doesn't matter whether it's a conversation with customers, a drive around the city or calculations. Write them all down. Next, decide if you have all the tools you need to complete the activities, and finally - can they save your time? 

According to the famous McKinsey and Company report, about 50% of our current activities could be automated by adapting available technologies, which would give us better efficiency work and still free us to acquire new skills and knowledge.  

5 steps that will pave the way for your digital business: 

  1. Get a hardware with a performing software

The hardware must fit your business. Choose components that really meet your needs. For example, if you're in sales and on visit to your customers in town, it might be better to invest in a handy tablet. Additionally, there are several operating systems to choose from: Mac OS, iOS, Windows OS, Linux, Android and many more. Choose one according to your focus area.

Microsoft 365 has the ability to run your business on any mobile or stationary system. This way, you can always have access to your relevant data and means of communication.

  1. Get an email account, your business single Point of Contact

In the past, orders were entered in paper form and then sent to the customer by post. In today's business world, however, everything goes digital. Free servers, usually sufficient at the beginning of the business, should be revised as the demands are aligned to the business growth. Except of an intuitive application to work with and store your emails, you may need additional features to help you plan your work and automate some activities, such as replying to certain emails or receiving notifications about what needs to be done.

You can also set up a free e-mail address in Outlook that provides the above.

  1. Get a suite for your business

There are many options on the market that allow you to smoothly manage your documents, calculations and data. We can choose from a variety of free and basic to paid, but more powerful solutions. Microsoft Office365 Suite gives you access to additional services that make team communication and management easier, both in traditional and cloud versions. For a better understanding of licenses: read more

  1. Get your place in web - your "supporters" in online distribution

You will need a website. There are several platforms that you can use to design your place in the digital space. You can try Wordpress, Wix, Umbracco or hire a developer to implement it for you. The more user-friendly and responsive, the better the result will be for you. It's important to build a "lead machine" through social media. Advertise on LinkedIn Facebook, Google to get new leads and increase your marketing activities and link advertising to your website to generate traffic.  Open an account on Instagram, Twitter to promote your brand. Use LinkedIn to build relationships and networks.

  1. Get a system to handle the growth to you keep all under control

When your business begins to scale, you need to redefine your processes and methods. When your employees need more visibility, a solution to manage their tasks and performance. It's even more compelling if you own a company that provides ongoing services to external customers, such as consulting or programming, and you need a transparent billing system. The market is full of different solutions, usually adapted to the department in which you work. You can choose a sales CRM solution like Pipedrive, then an email marketing app like the one that HubSpot offers, Asana for HR and another app for developers like Azure DevOps Services - these are a few and there are more like Finance, Products or File Services that still need to be covered. 

For this reason, it seems to make sense to find an integrated solution that covers most of your needs, saves money in the early stages to grow with your needs, and limits your expenses to just one subscription.  

In general, we can either get a great CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or a great ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning). These independent systems can be integrated upon request, but usually additional funds are needed to invest in external developers to take care of the implementation. 

However, there are exceptions, like Microsoft Dynamics 365. A cloud-based CRM and ERP solution that enables you to manage all data in one place and, and thanks to artificial intelligence applied, also to make reactive business decisions based on the valuable insights from all the departments.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is divided into two separate areas, Customer Engagement (CRM) and Business Central (ERP). Both solutions offer functionalities for different departments, that can either work together or as stand-alone products. 

What’s more, Microsoft understands that companies handle their growth step by step, therefore, there is also a possibility to purchase individual modules of CRM and ERP.  The system can be adapted according to the increscent needs.

To collect your set for 2020, you can do all the research yourself, take the time to compare products and make calls to different consultants, ask for quotes, and then compile quotes. It takes some time, but you will get an overview of what is available on the market.  You can reach out to a consultancy company which share their expertise and will support you on your success path from the very beginning.

INKUBIT Group focuses on consulting, development, optimization and maintenance of Microsoft and SAP products. As an official Microsoft Silver Partner, INKUBIT offers you comprehensive support for Microsoft and SAP solutions in the business solutions environment. INKUBIT will support you during the entire implementation phase and the specialists around our services will continue to be at your side afterwards.