INKUBIT Group: Successful Remote Leadership – A How-To Guide

Our managing directors and partners have been leading teams working at different locations for several years. We thereby rely heavily on our internal communication. In addition, we have colleagues who work in home offices in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover and Bremerhaven. I myself spend most of my working hours in my home office in Berlin. How I am nevertheless successfully guided by the management, I tell in my blog post.

Office 365 rebranding to Microsoft 365 - What does it mean for Office 365 users?

Microsoft has announced some innovations around MS Office, which mainly affect private users. From April 21, the private customer subscriptions Office 365 Personal (1 user) and Office 365 Home (up to 6 users) will be replaced by two new subscription models. They are called Microsoft 365 Single and Microsoft 365 Family respectively and cost the same as their predecessors. Existing subscriptions will be converted automatically. Read more about the "Office replacement" in our blog.


Establishing a new company requires to be very attentive and organized. From the creation of the concept and the business plan to taking first steps - founding a new company is a creative process. However, every complex matter carries the risk of overlooking details, and as it turns out later, details are important aspects of business management.

How-To: Create Segments in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

It was a surprise for many users when they realized that in Dynamics 365 for Marketing, the existing marketing lists could no longer be used. Instead, Microsoft is focusing on segments. At first glance, there does not seem to be much difference between marketing lists and segments. However, if you take a closer look at them, you quickly realize that some of the features would not have been possible with the "old" marketing list.

Save-the-Date: INKUBIT Group with partner Hubdrive at Zukunft Personal

With the leading European trade fair Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne and other events in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia and Turkey, the established industry platforms are providing impetus for the future of HR management and the digitisation of work.
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