Optimized Warehouse Reporting with SAP HANA®

In the following blog article, we would like to give our readers a project insight into one of the worldwide biggest implementations of Business Warehouse on SAP HANA. The implementation was made for a globally acting chemical and pharmacy corporation in the area of warehouse management. INKUBIT was responsible for the conception and implementation of the warehouse management processes and a reporting based on these new processes for the special departments and the management level.

Roambi® Analytics from SAP SE

Roambi® has been an integral part of the product lineup of the SAP SE since 2016. The tool for visual processing of unstructured business data on mobile devices was supposed to take mobile reporting to the next level. In the meantime, everyone has understood that Roambi® has successfully supplemented the SAP SE's Analytics portfolio. The core of the application is "Analytics", a visualization tool for mobile devices that prepares analysis results of business data in a mobile-friendly way.

Find out what's new in Financial Services Data Management

With a high probability most of the people who work with SAP® products in the banking industry have heard of Financial Services Data Management (FSDM). With FSDM, companies can reduce redundancy by managing enterprise data using a single data model called Single Source of Truth (SSOT). Regarding SAP HANA® Core Data Services (CDS), this means providing a conceptual data model as well as a derived physical data model.
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