The new App for Outlook offers its users a variety of useful functions. Amongst other things, users can now track emails or convert emails to a record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When making use of these functions users are not bound to their office desk. The App is responsive and accessible with various devices, so you can use the app when you are on the go.

With the release of the update, the new user-friendly app will be available in the "Apps for Office" store. The following features will be included:

  • „Track“
  • “Set Regarding to an existing record”
  • “Convert to”
  • „Create Contact“
  • “View Contact/Lead information, activities, and related records”
  • “Open in CRM web”

To sum up, users will be able to track emails, assign emails to an existing record in the CRM system, create a new record based on the data in the email, create a contact based on the contact information in the email, see related records and open emails within the CRM web. Also, users will be able to attach documents filed in the CRM system, such as brochures, email templates and product presentations, to emails.


The following images will give you an idea of how the app is constructed. By clicking on an email in your inbox, the content of that email will be displayed. Within this view there will be a ribbon including a „Dynamics 365“ field. When clicking on this field, the system will browse through all records, looking for information on the sender of the email. Remember, the system will only find information, if that contact is filed in the CRM system.

Should the contact already exist in the system, the following information will be displayed:

  • Interactions between that contact and the user/other users (“open activities with him/her“)
  • Open cases referring to that contact (“open cases with him/her“)
  • Sales opportunities referring to that contact („open opportunities with her“)

This information will help to avoid embarrassing situations, such as sending product information to that contact, when a college has already done so.

Click on the „track“ button within the „Dynamics 365“ field to track an email.

Tracking emails with the Outlook App

When doing so users can choose from a selection of entities which are to be analysed for a connection to that email:

  • „Opportunities“
  • „Contacts“
  • „Accounts“
  • And many more (e.g. order)

The suggested entities are based on the:

  • Contacts of the email receiver
  • Most often used records
  • Endorsed records

Search functions will help you to find the record you are looking for. By double-clicking on the desired record you will see all information on that record.

Once you have chosen a record the status of the email will be changed to “Tracked Regarding”. The entity, which has been linked to the email will also be displayed. Users can also easily link another entity to this email, if wished.