The Three Cloud Options for Skype for Business CloudPSTN / CloudPBX explained

With the Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) with PSTN call, you can connect your business to the Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN) and give your users a primary phone number in Skype for Business, so they can make and receive calls. A cloud PBX system is based on cloud computing technology where data is stored and transmitted over the Internet, rather than on a computer or hardware owned by the end user.

Office Delve and Office Graph

Find and discover useful Information with Office Delve. Forget browsing through Office applications to find the data you need- Office Delve merges all the data within your Office applications, so you can find the information you need all in one place!

Microsoft Access: Essential features

Microsoft Access is a Database Management System from Microsoft, which allows you to store and manage data, as well as building professional applications.

Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer?

If you have to make a choice between the writing tools Microsoft Word and OpenOffice, you will want to evaluate which of these tools best suites your requirements. The following article will help to make a good decision, by listing the pros and cons of each tool.
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