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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Power of the Cloud


Is your company already equipped for the advanced digital transformation? Imagine this important challenge for your company with the new Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is the only cloud-based solution that combines CRM and ERP in a homogenous environment.

INKUBIT MS Dynamics 365


Dynamics 365 improves the knowledge about the customer

With Dynamics 365, applications such as sales, customer service and marketing are available. But the Dynamics 365 world is constantly growing and is expanded every day by new functionalities. Dynamics 365 not only guarantees a seamless integration of all already used office applications such as Outlook and Excel, it also allows the power of digital intelligence to be included in every decision that is made. Thanks to Cortana Intelligence, Power BI and Azure Machine Learning, customer needs are recognized at an early stage, processes are optimized, costs are reduced and efficiency is increased.

INKUBIT Dynamics365


Dynamics 365 can help you get the most out of your business. Choose from the existing applications and scale them individually as needed and grow the business. It is time to make your business more productive, intelligent and adaptable to meet the challenges of digital transformation.


Drive the digital transformation in your company

The advancing technological advancement is changing the world around us and creates new opportunities as work can be defined in this day and age. This irrevocable process of change, in which every company, as well as every human being, is called digital transformation. This structural change gives the customer of today the opportunity to participate in the processes within a company, to optimize each activity and to define it in a new way together with all stakeholders. How can your company keep pace with this tremendous upheaval? We at INKUBIT are convinced that this is possible thanks to Microsoft technology. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that break the boundaries between CRM and ERP. It combines well-known programs like Outlook or Excel and combines it with the power of modern analytical technologies like Power BI or IOT. Together with the performance and security of Azure, you are able to reduce costs while increasing productivity. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you drive the digital transformation in your business and prepare you for tomorrow's challenges.


Interact with customers


INKUBIT Customer Engagement


Use existing data to create tailor-made individual customer experiences and to get the right insights from them. Companies today should understand customers as individuals and find new forms of interaction in order to emerge from the masses. All stakeholders within the organization should place the customer at the center of every activity.

Support Employees


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales provides employees with the opportunity to access the information independently of the location, in order to better serve their customers. This aspect is particularly important for sales. Where employees need powerful mobile tools that enable them to better understand their customers and network with the right activities with people outside and within the company. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales App runs on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Supported are Windows 8 tablets and the Apple iPad as well as all smartphones, which work under Windows Phone, iOS or the Android operating system. The use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales on the mobile devices is included in the license.


INKUBIT Empower Employees


Process Optimization

INKUBIT Optimize Processes


Through intelligent processes in every Dynamics 365 application, you increase the response time of your company, improve the service level and reduce costs. Coordinate people and resources more efficiently and respond to real-time problems. Not only that - recognize problems before these customers notice and perform remote preventive maintenance.

Transform Products

Data as a strategic resource can help you differentiate and take business opportunities. Change from the retrospect to the forecast and find out what steps should be next. The ability to integrate software and technology directly into products and services increases the added value in your company continuously.

INKUBIT Transform Products


Intelligent applications that work together


INKUBIT Dynamics365


INKUBIT Zielgerichtetes


Targeted action by focusing on priorities

Divide decisions and future activities from large amounts of complex data. By using powerful tools, you can transform them into easily understandable and usable insights, which can be provided in the context of the customer relationship.

Understand the needs of your customers and get to know them

Recognize behavioral patterns, trends and potentials at an early stage, and gain a comprehensive picture of your customers. By interacting with you, independent of the communication channels used, new discoveries can be gained and customer relationships can be proactively shaped.



INKUBIT Productivity


Increase productivity by reducing administrative costs

The intelligent and end-to-end solution allows you to optimize sales processes. Reduce the cost of concurrent revenue growth by gaining insight from your customers in Microsoft Dynamics 365. A seamless Microsoft Office integration and intuitive user interface guarantee for the corresponding effectiveness.

Increase sales success

Based on historical and predictive data, you can increase the performance of your sales team thanks to real-time analysis. Take advantage of interactive dashboards, contextual diagrams, and POWER BI. Inspire your team to reach more and develop, a healthy competition with Gamification features.

INKUBIT Microsoft Dynamics for Sales


INKUBIT Customer Service


INKUBIT Interaction


Interaction with customers regardless of location

Regardless of the location of your customer, you can support it at any time and wherever it is needed. Contact your customers on the devices and channels of your choice, including social media. Through a uniform platform, you can create consistency and transparency on all channels.

Support for information procurement

The ability to interact with other users and experts helps your customers to find answers independently. If the customer is not satisfied with the solution or answer, he / she has the possibility to contact your technical support directly.

INKUBIT Procurement


Microsoft Dynamics 365


Employees who develop their full potential

By providing all the tools, information and data you need to process service cases and problems, your employees are well prepared for all hurdles. The roll-specific user interface, in which all customer information converges, helps your employees make quick decisions.

Quickly deliver responses

The knowledge database provides uniform responses on all channels. With personalized content for customers, you are able to evaluate the responses in detailed analyzes. Capture content from social networks, service interactions and contributions from experts.

INKUBIT Responses


INKUBIT Proactive


Proactive with integrated digital intelligence

Set the foundation for preventative maintenance and proactive customer service by integrating data analysis across all areas of your customer service. Early detection of trends, sales opportunities and the acquisition of valuable insights through interactive dashboards and visualization of data.

INKUBIT Operations

INKUBIT Operations


Increase business performance through intelligent financial management

Get smart, real-time views of all your numbers and data analyzes thanks to Dynamics 365 for Operations. Support all business units with stubbornly important and data-based findings. Microsoft's cloud-based solution provides you with all the information you need for these processes.

Efficient production through intelligent and networked processes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations ensures high visibility with networked distribution, customer service, sales and marketing systems. Increase the innovative power of products and processes to meet the growing customer expectations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365


INKUBIT Dynamics 365


Convince your customers with the right customer experience

By accessing comprehensive product and customer information, you can offer your sales staff the possibility to offer direct and personalized service. Whether on social networks, on mobile websites, in stationary stores or all other touchpoints. Create buying experiences that strengthen customer loyalty.

Provide powerful ERP tools across the many cloud services

Real-time information can be retrieved quickly and easily from anywhere, virtually anywhere. Changes to existing business processes can be simplified and accelerated. Thanks to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, existing systems can be integrated and scaled globally according to their own requirements.





INKUBIT Field Service


The right resources at the right time in the right place

Optimize the control of your external service thanks to effective planning. Coordinate technicians and equipment with flexible planning options. This simplifies the coordination of workflows in the customer service with the scheduling and helps to accommodate more appointments in one day.

Increase customer satisfaction and increase your sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service simplifies the management of service contracts and installed products for any customer, anywhere. The transparent contract information not only speeds up your invoicing, but also creates a foundation for your employees to identify new sales opportunities and generate additional sales.

INKUBIT Field Service



Improve inventory management for your orders

Due to the real-time updates of your stock in warehouses, depots or service vehicles, your stock data is always up-to-date. Manage multiple inventories over time, reducing the amount of depreciation and making more accurate forecasts. Manage inventory information along the entire service interaction, including returns, stock transfers, or warehouse regulations.

Increase productivity and improve the efficiency of the technicians through mobile productivity

The mobile applications for iOS, Android or Windows Phone provide real-time and off-line data for you. Give your field service staff access to the customer information and instructions that are needed for almost every available mobile device. A complete overview of all previous customer interactions increases transparency and traceability.

INKUBIT Field Service


INKUBIT Field Service


Cost reduction by a networked external service

Reduce the cost by providing technicians only when it is really required. Use the power of IOT (Internet of Things) on your devices to remotely identify and resolve problems. Problems can be detected and remotely resolved before the customer notices it at all. Please spare your resources and put your technicians only when all other options are already exhausted.

Improve communication with your customers

Keep your customers up-to-date with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service and put the customer at the center of all interactions. Inform your customers about the expected time of arrival of your technicians by approving location data. With automated SMS and calls, your customer is always informed about the status.

INKUBIT Field Service


INKUBIT Project Servie Automation




Take advantage of Solution Selling

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, you can provide your business development team with a centralized location to access sales automation and social insight tools. Each interaction can be relevant and productive. Through team-wide work on cost estimates and offers, customer requirements can be met optimally.

Better project planning through collaboration

You can use templates to simplify the processing of offers for all project participants. Linking to Microsoft Project gives you powerful planning and management capabilities to efficiently manage your projects from bid to completion.

INKUBIT Microsoft Dynamics 365


INKUBIT Dynamics 365


Efficient Resources

Optimize your resources in project and customer service, as well as in field service and at the same time increase customer satisfaction. This is made possible by the combination of resource and time scheduling. This allows your managers to allocate the best projects to their respective projects, depending on their abilities, availability, and interests.

Productivity enhancement through mobility

By accessing powerful and user-friendly mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows, the employees involved can choose any projects and update competences. In addition, project members can manage scheduling, work hours, and travel expenses, and work together through Office 365 at any time. Maximize productivity in your business.

INKUBIT MS Dynamics 365


INKUBIT Dynamics 365


Easy entry of times and travel expenses

Save time by simplifying management and billing times and travel expenses for your employees. No matter whether desktop, web or mobile application, you can transfer information easily and quickly. Link customer projects together, approve captured entries, or update project status. Configurable process flows ensure that these tasks are executed smoothly at every step.

Use real-time service analysis

Act proactively instead of just reactively and avoid unnecessary difficulties in your projects. Simplify the identification of transformable trends in your company, from financial management to operational business to compliance with KPIs, with customized dashboards and visualizations.

INKUBIT Dynamics 354


INKUBIT Dynamics 365 Marketing


Improved campaign management by networking sales and marketing

Get a complete picture of your customers and all interactions. Marketing and sales unite with the Adobe Marketing Cloud and create a complete customer experience with networked processes and tools. This is the basis for convincing and seamless experiences, from the first reaction to one of your marketing campaigns to direct communication with your sales team.

INKUBIT MArketing 365


INKUBIT Dynamics 365


The right basis for your online marketing

Create a better customer experience through a secure and digital platform. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales provides a comprehensive solution for your web content management. This solution helps you to implement a targeted, personalized digital marketing. The combination of Microsoft Azure and the Adobe Marketing Cloud creates convincing customer experiences that will help your company as a whole.

INKUBIT Dynamics Customer Insights


Gaining important insights about customers

Without the support of the IT department, you provide every employee with forward-looking customer insights. Leverage data from multiple sources and bring together customer information and interactions at a single point to gain a comprehensive picture of your customers. Enable your employees to include information from customers in the application of your choice.

INKUBIT Microsoft Dynamics 365 Insights


Microsoft Customer Insights


Visualization of all existing data

Design the Customer Journey on a clear dashboard and visualize each customer interaction. All customer-related data are centrally available, so it is not necessary to search through numerous different sources.

Interaction with customers

Deliver personalized, relevant content to your customers, by analyzing demographics, shopping histories, and interactions. Prepare relevant offers and custom content using Customer Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. Use your marketing resources in a targeted way by identifying the right sales opportunities with your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights


INKUBIT Dynamics 365 Customer Insights


To control and deepen customer relations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights lets you manage the data of each customer in real-time. By identifying interactions, identifying potential customers that are migrating, and taking the right action, you can deepen your customer relationships using real-time analysis.

Better target group segmentation using targeted customer information

Strengthen cross-selling and up-selling through predictive analytics and improve customer satisfaction through tailor-made customer experiences. Hidden sales opportunities are revealed and the requirements, interests and demographic characteristics of your customers are aligned.

INKUBIT Dynamics 365 Custoemr Insights