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Dynamics 365 for Sales

Today's sales landscape has radically changed. There is more information, more people involved and a wider selection in an increasingly mobile world. As a result, today's buying process is more complex than ever, with buyers who are more informed, independent and influential. With access to so much information at an early stage of the purchase process, the first contact with a salesperson takes place later than before. At the first call 57% of a purchase process has already been executed. In addition, customers have completed their research, as well as defined needs and requirements. One of the few remaining criteria is the price the customer compares to among his selected vendors.

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Customers now have to be involved differently in the sales process. In many sales organizations, however, it remains unclear how these new ways and processes should look. Likewise, the complexity in sales has increased enormously, which also puts pressure on the employee. Internal processes consume 67% of the time, so there is less and less time to sell. How can the burden on sales staff be reduced? In order to guarantee long-term success, the sales representative must focus on the development and maintenance of customer relationships. Sales managers need a solution that helps them to focus and increase the closing rate. With Dynamics 365 you are able to achieve exactly these goals.

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Dynamics for Sales



Take and prioritize action

  • Lead Prioritization: Use the power of Predictive Analytics to focus on leads with a high end probability.
  • Improve customer relationships: Get information on the opportunities and risks of a customer relationship to better evaluate future steps.
  • Product Recommendations: Increase sales through cross-selling
  • Customer Performance: Integrate customers in the sales process, through intelligent data analysis in real-time.

Increase personal commitment

  • Smart email: See whether an email has been opened, answered, or the attachment has been downloaded.
  • Relationship Assistant: Use the personal and individual support to bind the customer to the company.
  • Content Collaboration: Share each information and document in the company with all involved employees.

Dynamics for Sales



Dynamics for Sales



Improve customer management

  • Opportunity Management: Manage your sales opportunities better through a network of information and analysis.
  • Increased mobility: Sell anywhere, with smart mobile applications that provide context-sensitive information at any time.
  • Sales Process: Optimize your sales process by automating and proposing next steps.
  • Partner Management: Conduct strategic goals using interactive partner dashboards.

Sales performance

  • Employees Onboarding: Discover potential synergies in sales at an early stage and bundle these forces.
  • Increase Sales Effectiveness: Increase the termination rate by defining goals, monitoring results, and coaching in real-time.
  • Reporting & Dashboards: Visualize all existing data in interactive dashboards.
  • Gamification: Transform work into a game and let teams compete for pleasure.

Dynamics for Sales