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SAP® and Banking: Conform to the rules of the global financial sector

Today, internationally operating banks and insurance companies must meet both national and international regulations, from local accounting standards such as HGB to International Financing Reporting Standards (IFRSs). The SAP® and Bank Analyzer and SAP® Accounting for Financial Instruments support you with the calculation, analysis and evaluation of financial products while meeting the applicable requirements, Such as the International Accounting Standards or the International Financial Reporting Standards. Other solutions such as the Credit Risk Analyzer (CRA), the Liquidity Risk Analyzer (LRA) or the FRDP enable risk and liquidity management, taking into account requirements such as Basel II / III or BCBS239. This allows you to meet the everchanging market and customer requirements in the financial sector and the transition to digital banking.





INKUBIT - SAP® and banking expertise you can rely on

Our SAP®-certified BA and AFI consultants from INKUBIT work hand in hand with the knowledge about national and international accounting standards with technical expertise. We are relying on long-term project experience with the SAP® Bank Analyzer with a focus on SAP® AFI. We compile the applicable regulations and standards in your SAP® system and integrate them into your system landscape. In doing so, we optimally implement your requirements in SAP® and Bank Analyzer and SAP® AFI. INKUBIT accompanies you from the evaluation and design of the right SAP® banking architecture and software through the implementation up to the training of your users:


SAP Banking service at INKUBIT



SAP® and Banking - Discover your possibilities with INKUBIT

Here you can get an impression of our performance portfolio for SAP® SE banking software - gladly in combination with SAP® and the Business Warehouse.



INKUBIT SAP Bank Analyzer

SAP® and the Bank Analyzer 

INKUBIT is your competent partner when it comes to integrating and adapting SAP® and Bank Analyzer. Due to the modular structure, we integrate SAP® BA smoothly into your system landscape. The components of the bank analyzer allow an integrated management of operational data, separated in original data, methods and evaluation results - SDL, PML and RDL. A timely data processing supports you in efficient decision-making.



SAP® and Accounting for Financial Instruments 

Do you want to adapt your SAP® system to your accounting requirements? Our experts ensure a proper customization. With the "Accounting for Financial Instruments" module (AFI), the SAP® Bank Analyzer permits accounting or financial instrument assessments. The basis are international and local accounting standards such as IFRS or HGB.





SAP® and Finance & Risk Data Platform (FRDP)

The SAP® and Finance & Risk Data Platform is a platform based on HANA® technology. Our consultants and IT experts from INKUBIT support you with the introduction and migration of your SAP SE solutions to SAP® and FRDP. For example, we are pushing the Bank Analyzer to the HANA® technology or implementing SAP® Liquidity Risk Management (LRA) as part of the SAP® FRDP - for a uniform, highly performing and simpler reporting landscape. You benefit from our consultants' knowledge that we gained directly at SAP SE.



SAP® and Business Warehouse 

Our experts at INKUBIT advise you on all questions concerning the business warehouse. Whether it is extracting, transforming, loading, or providing key business information that you need when making your decision - we are there for you!

The SAP® and Business Warehouse combines all the valuable data for your company to analyze and evaluate.