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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. For this reason, a successful and sustainable human resource management is essential for the positive development of a company. The SAP® and Human Resource Management tool provides you with a system solution that enables you to optimally manage the various HR tasks. With our knowledge and experience in the field of Human Resource Management with SAP®, INKUBIT helps you to integrate HCM properly into your company and efficiently organize and intelligently manage your human capital.



SAP® and HCM - Intelligently managed core processes in human resources

SAP® and HCM unites all your core HR processes into an efficient and sustainable solution. As an implementation-oriented full-service provider, our INKUBIT staff will advise you on functional and organizational issues regarding your SAP® and HCM modules and take over the integration of HCM into your system landscape. This can e.g. include the following modules:

  • Payroll (PY)
  • Personnel Administration (PA)
  • Time Management (PT)
  • Personnel Cost Planning
  • Talent management, incl.
    • recruitment
    • human resource development
    • succession planning
    • compensation

Through integrated self-service and workflow options (ESS / MSS), we digitally map approval processes during the integration of SAP® and HCM and provide the end user with independent administration options. In this way, we relieve you from the administrative burden and sustainably reduce your process costs.


SAP® and HCM modules - suitable for your company

We at INKUBIT are happy to help you choose the right modules that will simplify your HR management in the long term:

Personnel Administration and Personnel Work 

To establish modern HR processes and good management of HR data, SAP® and HCM PA module provides you with a system that contains comprehensive functions for entering and editing employee master data. Through our intelligent ESS / MSS scenarios, we actively involve employees and executives in application and approval processes, allowing employee self-management. Our workflows thus accelerate process flows and can increase the quality of the data of the HCM components through integration into the personnel administration.


The complexity of payroll is determined by legal requirements. The software-based mapping of company-specific framework conditions, collective agreements, surcharges for additional work, integrations of third-party systems challenge companies of all sizes. With SAP® and HCM PY, we offer a tool that prevents billing errors through a high degree of automation. Thus you save time, avoid recalculations and secure e.g. an uninterruptible digital transmission of your messages to health insurance funds or tax offices.

Time Management 

Capture and control all human resources processes as efficiently as possible, such as: the planning, recording, evaluation and analysis of working and absence times of internal and external employees. By integrating time recording terminals, SAP® and HCM PT gives your employees the opportunity to book their working hours at defined terminals. A digitization of timekeeping is possible at any time through self-service applications. Miscarriage and absence reasons such as leave, flextime or illness are also controlled via self-service functions and automatically transferred to payroll. Our critical experts from INKUBIT in SAP® and HCM PT provide you with information on mission-critical processes such as project time recording or personnel deployment planning. Thus, we enable you to not only depict company or collective working hours regulations and legal requirements, but also to evaluate and flexibly control them.

Event Management 

SAP® and HCM PE offers you effective evaluation and assessment options for a high-quality and at the same time profitable event management. The module includes processes for building a seminar catalog, organizing events, booking and managing participants, billing and billing of costs, and resource management. Our experts at INKUBIT implement a clear graphical user interface for you, thus reducing your workload and increasing the efficiency of your process management.


In the search for talent, a standardized recruitment process will help you. You can achieve this by using SAP® and HCM PB. SAP® and HCM PB supports you cost-effectively with a high-quality search for the right employees at the same time. At INKUBIT, we form the building blocks of the recruiting process in a process chain that is seamlessly aligned with the requirements of your company. This can include building blocks, such as recording staffing requirements, displaying ads, identifying and evaluating potential talent, and hiring. By integrating an applicant pool, we enable you to document the documents of suitable candidates. You transfer the data on acquired talent directly to the HR master data, employee payroll and time recording. Thus, we guarantee you an end-to-end recruiting process.

Personnel Development 

The success of your company depends significantly on the sustainable development of your employees. With the HCM PD module, we integrate a platform that enables you to secure the qualifications of your employees and react quickly to structural changes. At the same time, you can develop new executives from within your own ranks, increase employee productivity, and also implement strategic corporate goals. To proactively prepare your business for changes, sudden bottlenecks and vacancies on the market, and to secure the long-term existence of your company.

Organizational Management 

In order to optimally support personnel processes with the help of IT, a precise representation of the organizational structure of your company is a crucial prerequisite. HCM OM enables you to map, evaluate, plan and control the currently valid organizational form. To help you with big data management, we use this data as a basis for the components and functions of SAP® and Human Capital Management. By creating a network of objects that reflects the organizational and reporting structure, we combine basic elements of an organizational structure and secure your company with a high-level of organizational management. This network also forms the basis for the SAP Business Workflow®.


Which SAP® scenario is the best for you?

SAP SE now also relies on HR solutions from the cloud. We at INKUBIT are also convinced that the future lies in the way to the cloud. To make this path as easy as possible, we support your company in the digital transformation on the way to the cloud. SAP SE provides five basic options, which differ in their respective split between on-premise and cloud functionalities.

SAP HCM Bereitstellungsoptionen

With the Talent Hybrid, all HR core components such as Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Billing and Time Management continue to be maintained in SAP®. The exception is talent management - SAP® offers SuccessFactors® (SFSF), a well-established and established cloud solution.

In the side-by-side scenario, access is only possible via SuccessFactors®. This scenario is suitable for companies that already use SAP® but who do not yet manage all their master data in a central on-premise system due to acquisitions or subsidiaries abroad.

The integration scenario Core Hybrid goes one step further into the cloud. All HR applications and data are located in the data cloud, except for payroll accounting and time management, which is the leading system for this.

The fourth deployment option, the Full Cloud scenario, may sound revolutionary to many companies, as it composes all HR processes and data, including billing and time management in the cloud. The advantage is obvious: There is no need for a dedicated IT infrastructure and staff to manage it.

The fifth scenario is the full on-premise scenario, in which all HR applications, including talent management, remain "classic" in SAP® and ERP HCM. However, this scenario is no longer recommended by SAP®'s cloud strategy. The future belongs to the cloud.



SuccessFactors® is the SAP SE complete solution for HCM from the cloud. Both core topics of HCM as well as Talent Management, Performance Management and Business Analytics can be mapped as already mentioned in the deployment options.

SAP Success Factors INKUBIT


What advantages does the integration of an HCM cloud solution with INKUBIT offer?

Are you planning to change your HCM landscape? Your company plans to do software adjustments to your HR environment? You are thinking of introducing HR management software, but you are not yet clear about the functionality, requirements and costs?

We at INKUBIT are proud to assist you as an experienced partner. Talk to us and let us work together to design your HR world of the future!

These advantages are offered by the integration of an HCM cloud solution by INKUBIT:

  1. Security technologies: By using security technologies, data security is just as high as with your online banking.
  2. Innovation: Through automatic updates, your software is always up to date. There is a continuous process optimization.
  3. Mobility: SuccessFactors® can be accessed via any browser. Whether smartphone or tablet, your mobility is assured.
  4. Administration: The Software as a Service (SaaS) model eliminates much of the maintenance and administration costs.
  5. Usability: Intuitive interfaces guarantee employee satisfaction and productivity in your business.
  6. License model: Only one fee is paid - for the functions actually used. Thus, SAP® can be flexibly adapted to your company development.
  7. Compliance: We consider regulations from over 80 countries based on ISP 27002. Applications are tested to OWASP standards. The data is Safe Harbor certified and compliant with CIS standards.

Are you looking for a strategic partner as a consulting / integration company? Our experienced HCM consultants support you in your customer projects - we are happy to leave the lead to you! Thanks to our delivery and knowledge center in Gdansk, we are also able to provide you with defined work packages and development services.