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Field Service with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Field Service for Dynamics 365 gives you the opportunity to use the full potential of your external service. With intelligent resource planning, you can manage your capacity in ways that guarantee your customers the best possible customer service. All this is possible, either on your desktop or from any mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones.

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Optimized scheduling

The ability to compete is greatly increased by means of effective resource planning. With Dynamics 365 for Field Service, you provide your team with the right tools to plan the internal and external staff and to send them to the customers with the right tools. The module for automated deployment, touring and scheduling also reduces the administrative activities in your company


Service Agreements

Manage service agreements, recurring service contracts, installed products and warranties, for each customer and location. Benefit from the full potential of your revenue streams and provide a higher level of service with Dynamics 365 for Field Service.


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Inventory management

Dynamics 365 for Field Service offers you the opportunity to significantly simplify the management of inventory, whether in your own warehouse, in depots or in service vehicles. Warehouse data is updated in real-time, and is always up-to-date. Forecasts for recovery are optimized, depreciation is reduced and inventories better managed.


Mobile productivity

Dynamics 365 for Field Service gives you the ability to provide real-time and off-line data for native applications, thus increasing the efficiency of your technicians, internal and external staff. On every terminal used, all relevant business information is immediately available. Administrators are able to centrally manage and secure all users and devices.


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Networked devices

Before you send a salesperson to a customer, you should always check that it is really necessary. Dynamics 365 for Field Service can remotely detect, analyze, and troubleshoot problems with your customers. Resource intensive customer visits can thus be avoided. With networked devices and systems, which are in a constant exchange of information with your service organization, problems can be detected and solved before your customer has taken note of it.


Customer communication

For a complete overview of your services, visit our customer portal and interoperability with Glympse and Twilio APIs. Live maps about the location of the employees, photographs of the technicians and updates via SMS are possible at any time and from any mobile terminal. Put your customers at the center of every interaction.


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